Pam plays with Ping golf equipment. She can fit you for clubs and take the stress out of the process of buying new golf equipment.....

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Pam's Teaching Philosophy

Pam's philosophy is clear - "keep things simple!" Ask any of her students and they will agree that Pam has the ability to help you understand what it takes not only to hit great golf shots but to enjoy playing the "game" of golf as well. Once you experience Pam's approach you will see how her simple ideas get you immediate and lasting results.

         "You and your golf swing are unique so let's keep it that way. I don't believe that one swing fits all. Quite the opposite! The golf swing is over 500 years old and in that time hasn't changed that much. The basic motion has stayed consistent and as a result of technology changing (the club and the ball) we've seen the swing evolve. 

          For the social golfer who doesn't get to spend hours perfecting their swing like the Pros do, things haven't changed much at all. Most golfers don't have time to study and analyze the golf swing, nor should they! My goal is that you learn enough about YOUR golf swing not THE golf swing without all the technical stuff that can bog you down and lead to brain drain getting in the way." 

Pam has written for Golf Tips Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf for Women and has been featured in many global publications. Pam works with all age groups and skill levels and accommodates her student's schedules and budgets.  Her lessons are affordable and fun with many lesson options available.  Contact Pam for details.